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Theme: COVID-19 Response in ASEAN Member States
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Welcome letter

Model ASEAN Summit in Da Nang 2021

Distinguished delegates,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to express my sincere thanks to your interests in Model ASEAN Summit in Da Nang 2021 (MAS 2021) and wishes of good health, luck and success to all of you.


The Model ASEAN Summit in Da Nang 2021” is a simulation of how decision-making processes take place in ASEAN framework and how each step of administrative structure operates during the ASEAN meetings. We choose “COVID-19 Response in ASEAN Member States” as the main theme of this model summit with high expectations for offering the youths in Da Nang comprehensive and objective perception about the impacts of COVID-19 on regional activities as well as the feasible response to timely adapt with the challenges in the Southeast Asia region.


This model summit is held for the purpose of establishing auspicious conditions for youths to discover and forge essential soft skills such as debating, negotiating, critical thinking; enhance the overall understanding about the ASEAN Community and its role in the new context. It is my strong belief that this is not only an opportunity for the youths to be active citizens but also a significant activity towards enhancing community connectivity.


It is our great honor to organize MAS 2021, where I hope we all can have active and efficient discussions so as to obtain better understandings of ASEAN and its concerns. 


I look forward to meeting you all at MAS 2021 in Da Nang this November!


Yours faithfully,

Head of Organizers

About us
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MAS in Da Nang
University of Foreign Language Studies - The University of Da Nang
Faculty of International Studies
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International Relation Club

Model ASEAN Summit in Da Nang 2021 (MAS 2021) is a model conference where young talents of ASEAN walk into the shoes of diplomats, senior officials and head of governments of ASEAN member states to demonstrate their knowledge and aspirations in responding to hotly-debated issues relating closely to the regional response amid the intensive global pandemic. MAS 2021 invites best and brightest youths from ASEAN member nations to present their position paper with reference to 3 sub-topics in 3 committees representing 3 pillars of the ASEAN Community.

September 06 - 17
September 25 - 26
October 16
November 13 - 14
Application Form
Webinar &
MAS in Da Nang 2021
Grand Theme
"COVID-19 Response in ASEAN Member States"
Sub-Topic 1
"ASEAN Discusses COVID-19,
Global Value Chains Transformation
and Regional Response
Sub-Topic 2
"COVID-19 and ASEAN:
Strengthening Inclusiveness and Cohesion
Sub-Topic 3
"ASEAN Education Amid coronavirus pandemic: challenges and opportunities"
"Fostering Partnerships in Transforming Education
in ASEAN during COVID-19 and Beyond



To become a MAS 2021 delegate, you are required to participate in & pass 2 rounds: Application form and Interview (Semi-finals)

(1). Application form: from September 1st to 11th.

(2). Interview: from September 24th to 26th.

55 outstanding applicants would be selected as official delegates for the Summit scheduled on November 13th - 14th. 



Success! Message received.

University of Foreign Language Studies - The University of Da Nang, 131 Luong Nhu Hoc street, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang city, Viet Nam.

(+84) 905 288 608 (Mr. Hoang) |

(+84) 376 931 934 (Ms. Trang)

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